Longboat – 4.7%

Longboat – 4.7%

A light brown, hoppy ale, bursting
with citrus and caramel flavours.

Rædwald's Tipple

Rædwald's Tipple - 4.2%

A bitter golden pale ale with a crisp
and refreshing citrus flavour.

Golden Hoard

Golden Hoard - 3.7%

A light, golden ale with a spicy taste
and earthy aromas.


Drenchorn - 5.2%

A refreshing, hoppy ale, bursting with citrus & floral aromas.


Hearthside - 5.1%

A dark, mellow, well-rounded ale with hints of coffee.

Bottled Beers

All of our core range of beers are available for purchase in bottles directly from us. You can do this by dropping us an email or phone call, or by stopping by the brewery itself.

Bespoke Labels

We offer a bespoke label design service to both the public and to trade customers.

Whether you want a custom Uffa branded label to commemorate your special occasion, or a unique design with your corporate branding; we can provide it.

We are also able to offer you a choice of any of our beer inside the bottles. If you are particularly creative, you may even wish to work with us to design and brew a beer specifically for you!


We can supply any beer from our range in polypins for your party, celebration or raucous Friday night in! Beers are available in 10 or 20 litre boxes. We can also rent firkins and pins for the authentic real ale experience.

Please contact us for more details.